Thursday, January 1, 2009

"LifeTracks" Azure demo released

Today "LifeTracks" went live at LifeTracks is a social networking web site that leverages the Azure platform for hosting, storage, and authentication with Windows Live Id. The source code and documentation have been posted on CodePlex.

LifeTracks is a social networking web site that expands on the popular "what are you doing?" status tracking feature. LifeTracks adds 2 important dimensions to that idea:

1. More Detail and Multimedia
Status information is not limited to a single sentence. Your status can also include a text note and links to multimedia (images, audio, video) and a web page.

2. Past/Present/Future Tracking and Navigation
Status information has a past/present/future aspect, allowing others to view your past activities, present state, and future plans. You can navigate content by timeline or calendar interface.

LifeTracks lets you keep a friend list, a family list, and a group list. You can view your own content as well as the content of those on your lists.

My purpose in LifeTracks was to move beyond "Hello, Cloud" and simple demos and get experience developing and operating a substantial working Azure app. I consider this a 1.0 "alpha" release that will improve over time as we work on it further and act on feedback.

No similarity or reference to existing companies, trademarks, products, or individuals is intended.


Anonymous said...

The SVN source appears to be empty

David Pallmann said...

The source code is available in the downloads area