Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Azure ROI Calculator Updated

Neudesic's Azure ROI Calculator has been updated. There are two primary changes in Beta 2 of the calculator:

Compute Time now defaults to 24 hrs/day for all scenarios. Having received some clarification since the July pricing announcement, it's now clear that compute time charges are not based on application usage but chronological time. Therefore, you'll always be computing your charges based on 24 hours a day for each hosting instance. The calculator now reflects this.

Vertical scrolling is now in place. Previously, you couldn't see all of the calculator on smaller resolution displays.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, Micorsoft websoite mentions that .Net Services Messages = $0.15/100K message operations.

but your calculator calculates 0.15/100 message operations. Am I missing something or dont quite understand then please advise

David Pallmann said...

The number you enter in the ROI calculator for Service Bus messages is in K (see the label above the text box), so if you enter the number 100 that means 100K and the calculation is $0.15.