Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Azure Storage Explorer 4 Beta Refresh

Last week we released Azure Storage Explorer 4. We have released several refreshes since then, in order to respond to feedback from the first several hundred downloaders. Some of these refreshes are important because they fix a bug or add a valuable feature. If you get the latest refresh (Beta 1 Refresh 4 or later), Azure Storage Explorer 4 will now notify you when there is a new version so you won't have to remember to check back on the CodePlex site for updates. If you're on Azure Storage Explorer 4, please update to the refresh so that you'll have the best experience.

Here are some of the features added in the refreshes:

• Blob uploads now automatically set ContentType based on file type
• CSV download/upload now preserves column types
• New download/upload formats supported: Plain XMl and AtomPub XML
• UI improvements
• Private/public folder icons indicate whether blob containers are public or not
• Automatically checks for a new software version
• Checks for and corrects blob containers with old (outdated) permissions attributes and updates to current Azure standard
• Preserves window position and size between sessions
• Allows culture to be set


David Pallmann said...

If you're running 4.0 Beta 1, please get the Refresh 5 ( .msi from the Downloads page. If you're running or later you'll get alerted about the update automatically.

New Features:

• Support for upload and download of large blobs
• Supports HTTPS
• Added Edit Account to allow editing of a previously defined storage account

David Pallmann said...

Beta 1 Refresh 6 ( has been released. This adds support for viewing and editing of blob metadata.