Monday, January 10, 2011

Cloud Camp LA and Cloud Camp San Diego

I'm looking forward to Cloud Camp LA the evening of Tuesday 1/11/11. This event is sold out, so if you're just hearing about it now it's too late to get in. However, not too far away is Cloud Camp San Diego on 2/09/11.

I attended the first Cloud Camp LA in 2009 and it was interesting for several reasons. First, it was a chance to interact with not just Windows Azure people but also people who use other cloud platforms such as Amazon. Second, the conference is run in an "unconference" format where there are no pre-determined sessions or speakers. Instead, the people who show up decide on the spot what they want to talk about and who will facilitate discussions. I was skeptical of this idea going in but it actually worked well. However, you do need to set proper expectations. The impromptu format means you will not have the structured presentations with slides and demos a prepared session would have. What you do get are interesting discussions, and a chance to share with others / learn from others.

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