Sunday, February 20, 2011

Complete Windows Azure Storage Samples (REST and .NET side-by-side)

I’ve posted new samples for Windows Azure Storage on CodePlex at These samples are complete—they show every single operation you can perform in the Windows Azure Storage API against blob, queue, and table storage. In addition, there is both a REST implementation and a .NET StorageClient implementation with identical functionality that you can compare side-by-side.

I decided to put these samples up for 3 reasons:

1. First of all, they're part of the code samples for my upcoming book series, The Windows Azure Handbook. Putting them out early gives me an opportunity to get some feedback and refine them.

2. Second, although there is a lot of good online information and blogging about Windows Azure Storage, there doesn't seem to be a single sample you can download that does "everything". The Windows Azure SDK used to have a sample like this but no longer does.

3. Third, I wanted to give complete side-by-side implementations of the REST and .NET StorageClient library approaches. Often developers starting with Windows Azure Storage are undecided about whether to use REST or the .NET StorageClient library and being able to compare them should be helpful.

These initial samples are all in C# but I would like to add other languages over time (and would welcome assistance in porting). Please do speak up if you encounter bugs, flaws, omissions in the samples -- or if you have suggestions.

Here are some good online resources for Windows Azure Storage:

Windows Azure Storage Documentation

Steve Marx's Blog (Microsoft)

Neil Mackenzie's Blog (Windows Azure MVP)

Other storage samples:

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