Monday, November 10, 2008

"I have made fire"

Cloud computing with Windows Azure is really cool, but you can't fully appreciate how cool until you've gone through the develop/test-locally/deploy-to-cloud/show-off-to-your-friends sequence for real. It's an amazingly empowering feeling to create an app (on a whim perhaps) and soon after have it running live where the world can access it--without having had to obtain and set up servers and domain names and all those other things that take time. Here's how I can best describe what it feels like:

In the film Castaway, there is a moment when Tom Hanks finally is able to get a fire built. Beating his chest, he proclaims to the world, "I HAVE MADE FIRE!" That's exactly how you will feel when you get your first cloud app running and deployed, no matter how simple your first effort is.

Last week, I made fire. Who knows what this week will bring!

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