Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why I'm Shopping Online This Year

The events in the news yesterday underscored how dangerous it can be out there in the real world. Oh, I'm not talking about the middle east or urban high-crime neighborhoods or other traditional hotbeds of violence. The new ground zero is the American department store during the Christmas shopping season. Yesterday I read in horror how shoppers at WalMart trampled and killed an employee. While my mind was still reeling from this, I was further shocked to hear two men had shot and killed each other at a Toys-R-Us. To take someone's life is tragic, but to do so in the name of competitive shopping takes us to a new low. I find myself suddenly motivated to do all my shopping online where I can steer clear of the animals.

Worker Trampled to Death in Wal-Mart Sales Stampede

Two armed men shoot and kill each other at a Toys-R-Us

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