Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Cal Code Camp - Azure Sessions

The next Southern California Code Camp has been scheduled for January 24th-25th 2009 at Cal State Fullerton (Orange County). Azure will be well-represented, with sessions from Microsoft, Neudesic, and others. I'll be presenting 4 Azure cloud computing sessions:
  • Azure Cloud App Demo: Social Networking Web Site
    Forget "Hello, Cloud", it's time to see something real and substantial. See a social networking site and the code behind it that runs in the cloud, uses cloud storage, and authenticates using Windows Live ID. It's Azure cloud computing in the real world.
  • Azure Cloud Application Model
    Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has a new role-based application model that can scale well at every tier. Learn about the model and see it in code.
  • Azure Cloud Security
    The Azure cloud computing platform offers compelling security capabilities. Learn how to integrate Windows Live ID with your web site. Learn how to integrate and federate enterprise security with your cloud application.
  • Azure Cloud Storage
    In this session we'll explore how cloud storage works on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. This includes the ability to store and recall BLOBs, queues, and tables.

Hope to see you there!

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